12/13 meeting recap

14 Nov

Hey guys,

We had a really small group tonight, so I hope everyone who missed the meeting sees this post cause it’s SUPER IMPORTANT!

Tonight, we mostly talked about the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and why it’s so important. You can read more about it here, but basically this is crucial legislation that is being stalled in the House of Representatives because some GOP members don’t want domestic violence funding to go to immigrants and LGBT folks. Yep, you heard me.

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Another awesome event

2 Nov

Hey guys,

Sorry for the second post, I forgot to put up this event.

Lynn Povich is one of the 46 women who sued Newsweek in 1976 for sex discrimination. It was the first suit of its kind and vastly changed newsrooms across the country. She wrote a book about it called The Good Girls Revolt. Povich is speaking at Knight Hall, the journalism building, on Monday, Nov. 12 from 5:30 to 7. She’s going to be selling and signing copies of the book after the event.

I’m reading the book right now and it’s awesome. I hope everyone can make it to this event!!

Long overdue update

2 Nov

cuz it’s hot

Hey everyone,

So sorry I haven’t updated in forever — midterms have gotten the best of me. Here’s what’s cookin:

  • Election day and our next meeting: Tuesday Nov. 6. I want to see everyone there with “I voted!” stickers!!
  • Women’s studies grad night: Thursday Nov. 15. This is a great opportunity for current/potential women’s studies majors (and outside majors too!) to meet alumni and talk about networking/how to get a job in a related women’s studies field. It’s hosted by Triota, the women’s studies honor society, so I’m sure it will be awesome.

Aaaaaand…that’s it! As you can see, most of our events we had planned have already happened. What does that mean? We need to start brainstorming new stuff for the rest of the semester! A lot of ideas have been kicked around..it’s time to start doing some research, contacting people and getting this stuff on the calendar. We’ll be doing a brainstorming session next week.

Also, I was thinking it would be fun if we all brought our dinner to the meeting and ate together. What does everyone think about that?

That’s all for now.



Our first event has been scheduled!

12 Oct

Check it out, cats and kittens:


Oct. 2 meeting recap/calendar update

3 Oct

Hey everyone,

We had a great meeting last night getting trained by the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force to be clinic escorts in Greenbelt and Silver Spring. If you weren’t able to make the meeting but would still like to get trained, you can check out this page for upcoming trainings in DC.

It’s officially Domestic Violence Awareness Month and about one month to the election, so we have tons of stuff going on. Here are a couple immediate reminders.

  • Next Tuesday, 5 p.m. is the Survivor Garden ceremony in front of the Health Center. Basically, it’s a ceremony in remembrance of victims of sexual/domestic assault. We’ll read some stuff, victims will speak and we’ll plant bulbs in the garden that will bloom in the spring. It’s a really special event, so I hope you all can make it.
  • Oct. 11 is the Marriage Equality Rally we’re co-sponsoring. At 3 p.m., there will be a panel discussion of LGBT politicians in Nyumburu, followed by a rally in the amphitheatre at 4 p.m. A ton of notable politicians are coming. Please please mark your calendars for this, I would love a strong show of support from our club for the LGBT community.

We’re in the process of working with WMST on a panel about women’s rights and the election. Stay tuned for more.




October calendar update

25 Sep

Hey everyone,

Tonight’s meeting was cancelled, but we still have a lot of upcoming events (especially since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month) I wanted to remind you guys about:

  • Next Tuesday, Oct. 2: Clinic training, 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9: Survivor Garden ceremony for survivors of domestic violence in front of the University Health Center, 5 p.m. (We’ll have a short meeting right after this)
  • Thursday, Oct. 11: Marriage Equality Rally on the Mall
  • Tuesday, Oct. 16: SARPP Clothesline Project, all day on Hornbake Plaza
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23: Regular meeting time, but we’ll be having a SARPP presentation on Domestic/Relationship violence
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24: Active Minds/SARPP Domestic Violence awareness event all day on Hornbake Plaza (I’ll give you guys more info about this next week)

Please add these to your calendar! As always, call/email if you need anything.




Sept. 18 meeting recap

19 Sep

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all the awesome people who came tonight — I believe we had about 30 attendees, 20 of which were new. I’m so excited to have so many interested feminists on the campus.

Here’s a bit about what we talked about:

  • TerpsVOTE: Elizabeth from the TerpsVOTE voter registration coalition we’re apart of came to talk about filling out voter registration forms specifically/signing up for tabling events. I’ll keep you guys updated on this — in the next few days, I’ll be sending out an email request for times/days people are available to table. In the meantime, check out TerpsVOTE here.
  • NEDA Walk: If you haven’t already registered for this Saturday’s National Eating Disorder Awareness walk, please do so. It’s $15 a person and the money goes to a great cause. Also, if you do register, please email me and let me know so we can all meet up and walk together during it. More info here.
  • Clinic training: A representative from the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force will be coming to our Oct. 2 meeting to train is in clinic escorting. Please mark your calendars! For more info on WACDTF, check here.
  • We got a very special offer from Feminist Majority Foundation to bring five members from our group to the 40th Anniversary luncheon celebrating Gloria Steinem and Ms. Magazine on Thursday, Oct. 11 at the National Press Club from 12-2:30. If you’re interested, please email me saying so. I’ll be putting the names in a hat and randomly selecting which five come at next week’s meeting. SO AWESOME!

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